Monday, January 16, 2012

Policy Round-Up 2.5

We are throwing in a special edition issue for some great stuff we found today:

Chris Hedges, Common Dreams, 04/11/2011

In Praise of Homeschools
Aaron Smith, Mises Institute, 01/16/2012

Sara Murray, Wall Street Journal, 10/05/2011

Amey Stone, The Fiscal Times, 04/20/2011

Dwight R. Lee, Library of Economics & Liberty, 01/02/2012

We covered this Dwight Lee essay in our most recent election update. This is a nice addition to the growing list of arguments against Keynesian economics and government stimulus. As much of the nation is starting to question the Keynesian system, now is the time to show them that alternative economic approaches are out there, and those based on Austrian school economics offer prosperity without compromising liberty.

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